July 4, 2017

san fran: chabot space and science center

After the temple visit, we picked Jenny up and we went to the Chabot Space and Science center (yay for reciprocal science center passes!). It was a really great place to explore for a few hours.

We stopped to make a robot.

My favorite part of the museum was looking through the telescope. We got to see Venus and later the moon.

This might have been everyone else's favorite room. It was a pinball machine exhibit. Some of the pinball games dated back to the 1940s. Eric found the pinball game he remembered playing on in the 90s (the Adams Family). The machines were all working so you could play all you wanted.

We got to watch a show in the planetarium. Perry's commentary was cracking me up the entire time! 

A few of us became astronauts.



Kyler--I mean Mr. Hand!

Here's Kyler

We met Albert Einstein. He has such a great sense of humor. Man, can he tell a joke!

A little more exploring of the museum...