July 24, 2017

san fran: adventure playground and lindsay wildlife

Our last full day in San Francisco!

We made it to the adventure playground in Oakland. Such an amazing concept! They need more playgrounds like these. Basically, there is wood, nails, paint, and tools and the kids can build anything they want to or add on to an existing structure. And they can play all over.

Out of my kids, Kyler and Perry spent the most time working hard on their structures. 

Perry was pretty proud of his fort when he was finished. 

Layla and Kacin's attention span for building wasn't quite as long, but they definitely enjoyed the zip line.

Kacin was a good big brother to stay by Layla's side when she was nervous to go on the zip line for the first time.

We had lunch back at the house and then played some more games together. Our last adventure in San Francisco was a visit to the Lindsay Wildlife center. It wasn't very big so my expectations were pretty low, but we ended up spending a lot of time there and really enjoyed all of it. We learned about so many different animals they have rescued and got to watch "behind the scenes" as a vet took care of a newly brought in animal. 

It was our last night in that 100 year old, but worth a million dollars home. The home definitely had a lot of character, some weird smells, and some amazing views. We love airbnb for vacations.