July 27, 2017

her golden birthday

our sweet, independent, creative, shy, loving, artistic, imaginative little girl turned 6.

We knew we would be on vacation on her actual birthday so we planned her birthday party a few weeks early. She had a "Splash and Sparkle" swim party with friends from school and church. Since it was her golden birthday, I tried to make sure we got a few gold decorations mixed in with her favorite color, pink.

She got pretty good at blowing up balloons.

When it was time to sit at the table for cake and ice cream, she decided she did not want to wear her birthday crown after all.

And she was a little nervous having everyone sing happy birthday to her. But deep down I think she loved it.

Really, her only request was a pinata. She picked out a Little Mermaid pinata and helped me fill it with treats. Then after swimming and before cake, the girls all took turns whacking that piƱata.

On her actual birthday, we drove to Yosemite. Spending the day surrounded by all this gorgeousness and eating cupcakes and opening presents by a waterfall is not a bad way to spend a birthday, I think.

We love you, L Belle! You are such a light in our family!