July 1, 2017

these days

A conversation with Perry-
Me: Are you going to go on a mission?
Perry: Yeah, a Star Wars mission! I want to go on a star wars mission!
When I grow up, I want to be a Star Wars guy.
Me: a Jedi?
Perry: yeah a Jedi!
No, I want to be a doctor.
No, I want to be a mama.
No, I want to still be a Perry.

I love the moments when Perry takes care of his little cousin Grayson. Perry is especially careful that Grayson isn't around Legos or other small toys because he knows he will put them in his mouth.

Eric has spent the last week using all of his spare time to build our mudroom. He put up the shiplap, painted, built the shoe bench (with storage). We just have a few things left to do to finish up this room and I am sooo excited!

Eric and I got to go out on a date with this cute girl. She picked mod pizza.

Kacin finally wore me down and I took him, Kyler, and some of their friends to KTR. They spent the afternoon climbing over the parquor course, playing dodgeball, and jumping on the tramps. When they needed an energy boost we walked over to mcdonalds for a snack.

While the boys ran around, I was sitting down at a table working on some projects. A lady sat near me and asked to borrow a pen. We later figured out that her son had been on a football team with one of Kacin's friends. We ended up talking for a long time and that conversation led to religion and me telling her about our family's study of religions this summer so she invited us to her church. We accepted her invitation and went with her on sunday. I'll have to write another post about it all another day.

Arizona gets hot. We saw the temp in our car read 123 degrees at one point.

Perry's house help of choice this week has been to help clean the bathrooms. He loves having a spray bottle in hand.