June 10, 2017

These Days

I got through all of those papers yesterday. Most of them were school papers that were brought home on the last day of school. It feels so much better to have things put away and organized again.

We are trying to motivate Perry to do a particular thing he does not do every day. We made a reward chart and it worked it's magic for awhile. He picked out a Lego set as his prize. A Mr. Freeze Lego set. He was thrilled by it for days. Eric and Kacin took turns helping him put it together, but he is becoming so much more independent at building by himself. He LOVES legos.

Ky made the silver team on his new soccer club. We got the call when he was at school so we gathered as many silver things around the house as we could to present to him when he got home to tell him the good news. I think this team will be a great experience for him.

Once again, more Layla selfies and pictures ...

 Kacin had a few days off of school because he did not go to science camp. We spent one of the days at the zoo with some of his friends before they went swimming in our pool.

Logan turned 3! We celebrated at his pirate birthday party.

While we were partying like pirates with my cute nephew, Kyler and Eric were getting some work done at home. But they took a dinner break and Kyler got his first try of sushi. The boy wanted to like it, but he finally admitted he really did not care for it after all.

Kacin did an interesting country project on Russia.

I'm not sure why I took this picture, but this is how you can find Kyler most days during his freetime. And now he is doing this for a little bit longer at night because he just lobbied for a later bedtime and won.

I love working with our ward's 10-11 year old activity days girls. This picture was from Missionary night a few weeks ago.

I took this four cute kids to the zoo one morning.

Macie and I thought it was pretty cool that we had matching skirts on that day.

We went to the eye dr and here are Kacin's before and after pictures...

Yes, he got contacts! He is such a handsome kid so I know he looks good either way. But this mom is a little bit in mourning if he stops wearing his glasses. Glasses have been a part of him since he was 3 years old! Every time I see him in his contacts, I have to do a double take or I start to get worried that he broke his glasses or something happened. And then I remember--contacts. Yeah, it'll probably take me some time, but I will get used to it. He looks great though!

Layla was talent for FHE one night. When I told her, she ran into the other room to go work on her talent. A while later she came back with something wrapped in a blanket. When it was her turn to share her talent, she revealed the robot she made. I love her creativity and artistic talents!

Perry followed Layla's example and played photographer on my phone one day.

I guess I'll end this post with this. When Jenny was in town we spent some time at Jacqui's house. Jacqui had just finished a newborn photo shoot and still had all of her stuff out. Somehow and for some reason someone thought it would be a good idea to take newborn shots of Jenny.

You're welcome for that.