June 22, 2017

sealing celebration

Over Memorial Day weekend, we celebrated our forever family. It has been 8 years since Kyler and Kacin were adopted and then sealed to us in the temple and 4 years since Layla and Perry. It is the most amazing, comforting, and purposeful thing for me to know that our family is eternal.

A few days before we celebrated our sealing (which we try to do Memorial day weekend), E and I went to the Gilbert temple and helped with sealings. A couple had brought in some family names and we got to help those couples and children have the opportunity to be sealed together. I loved that we got to hear the words of the sealing spoken many times as we did the work for those families. Though the words don't change, I seem to learn something new every time I do temple work. I loved that what stood out to me this time was exactly what stood out to Eric, too. I guess it was something we both needed to hear.

On sunday, we went to the Mesa temple. We sat outside and E shared a message with our children (it had to do with what we learned when doing sealings). Eric is a pretty great dad.

Perry was in a mood and a half. But he insisted I take his picture here.

And by some miracle, let's call it the miracle of the cheez-it bag found in the car (where it came from and how long it had been there nobody knows. but thank goodness it was there.), we were able to sit in a theater room in the visitor's center and watch one of the new videos about the restoration of the gospel. I really enjoyed it (in between calming someone down and feeding him cheeze-it by cheeze-it).

I laughed at Kacin's photo bomb found in this burst of pictures. Not to mention E ad Ky's pose. 


We managed to get everyone in this selfie (do you see Perry back there behind Kacin?) before we headed home and ate some cake. I love this family of mine!