June 23, 2017

Perry's Kindergarten graduation

Moving to Arizona has been the right decision for our family if only for Perry. He has thrived since the move. I don't know if it was getting his own room and having more space in our house, E around more because of the flexibility of his work, his teacher and the autism program at his school, or all of the above. But Perry is doing better than he ever has before. We are so happy and proud of him.

On the last day of school, the Kindergarten classes had a big graduation ceremony. They cutely wore their caps and gowns. They sang a series of songs and then received their diplomas.

During the ceremony, he sang along (I could hear his voice nice and loud a few times) and swayed along. I loved to see him up there enjoying the music.

During one of the practices, Perry's teacher told me he was in a mood and kept sticking out his legs trying to trip the kids who walked by him to receive their diploma. That mischievous little stinker. Thank goodness he did not do that at the actual ceremony. When his name was called, he looked so adorable walking acroos the stage to receive his diploma. He is such a great little guy!

We are so grateful for all of the teachers that worked with Perry this year. He has a team of at least six people who work closely with him throughout the school year and they are such wonderful people.

Layla insisted she take a picture of Perry when we were leaving the school.

And then I got to take Perry out by himself on a special lunch date. Of course he picked MOD pizza because he loves the "juice" there.