June 21, 2017

my grandpa Allen

After 97 years here on the earth, my grandpa Alvin Allen returned back home to his Heavenly Father. My grandpa lived his life well. The first word I think of to describe him was integrity. He was good to his core. He was also sharp as a whip (smart throughout his whole life) and an amazing storyteller. He was constant and kind. He gave you his full attention when you went to visit him. He was not perfect (impatience runs in our Allen blood, I think), but I saw him change and grow throughout my life, especially when my grandma's health was failing. He never stopped learning and he never stopped helping people. I learned many of life's lessons from him.

The date is actually incorrect on here. He died on May 15, 2017.
After he passed away, some of the family who live nearby gathered for his burial. 

Then the following week family came from all over to be there for his memorial service.

I always wonder why it takes a funeral to gather all of the family together. But I am glad we were able to catch up with each other and spend some time together. We were able to meet at a hotel my uncle does some work at to swim, play games, talk, and eat together.

Grandpa made me proud to be an Allen. I was so absolutely blessed to have him in my life here on earth. I am so grateful that families can be together forever and I know I will see him again.