June 14, 2017

mother's day

This family of mine sure knows how to make me feel loved. On mother's day, even though I had a bit of a cloud hanging over my head for whatever reason, they gave me a great day to remember.

They woke me up and walked me down to the kitchen table for a yummy breakfast. I was given gifts from each of my children.

This one Perry made at school was pretty awesome.

Then there was a clay creation from Layla, a sweet card from Kacin, and a thoughtful store bought gift from Kyler.

Then Eric gave me a notebook and declared the start to a new tradition. They had each written a thoughtful note and a promise that each year they will add another note to the pages of the book.

Perry surprised me with an extra gift. He got himself dressed for church INCLUDING FASTENING THE BUTTONS! I found him on the floor like this because he was a little frustrated that the buttons weren't matching up at the end, but this was the first time I had seen him button something by himself and I was thrilled!

I helped him fix his buttons then he went on to brush his own teeth and do his own hair for the day. He may still be learning the ins and outs of water, gel, and hair doing, but, man, he is such a handsome kid and I was so proud of him.

Eric and the older boys went to church, but Layla wasn't feeling well so we had planned for her to stay home. Eric was asked to speak in sacrament meeting and I didn't want to miss it so I snuck in the very, very back of church late just in time to hear his talk and then scoot on out with Layla. By the way, it was the best talk I think I've ever heard him give.

While everyone else was at church, Layla and I drove out to my parent's house to leave flowers and a treat for my mom. We didn't want to pass on any of Layla's germs so we planned on knocking and running. But then I realized the treat wouldn't fare so well in the heat and we thought they were gone so we broke into their house (good thing I remembered their code) and left our goodies on the coffee table.

After church, Mr. Perry man decided to make me one more mother's day surprise. He got it into his head for some reason that he was going to make me a gingerbread house. We did our best to support his creativity and he made me this cute little house. And then he ate it up himself.

My big mother's day gift was that everyone agreed to make our Moana medley music video. They were mostly good sports about it. And so my music video wish came true and I was happy.

I love each one of these cute kids I get to call mine. They bring me so much joy. Being a mom is my favorite thing ever. Even if taking pictures is not their favorite thing ever.

But, really, where would I be without this man? He is the best!