June 20, 2017

L's dance recital

Layla has been taking two dance classes this year. Well, one was music theater which she loved. It was a lot more singing than dance which suited her just fine. But she begged and begged to take a tap dance class so I signed her up for a combo class of tap and ballet. And pretty soon she started begging me to stop taking her to dance class. Once she got there, I think she liked it. But, man, she would complain about going. She stuck it out (because we made her). She was mostly back to enjoying it at the end, but at the same time she was happy she could take a break. 

Recital day came on a saturday and, oh, how adorable these girls all looked in their cute costumes!

It was really fun for Layla to have her cousin in her musical theater class.

Layla performed in three different numbers at the recital.

She is in the back on the left on the stage.

They all came out for the finale.

These two girls were cheered on by a big group of people who love them both so much.

Great job, cute girls!