June 9, 2017

Layla's graduation

We had a tough decision last year about where to send Layla to school. She has a summer birthday so the biggest part of that decision was whether or not to enroll her into Kindergarten. Ultimately, we made the decision that she would start Kindergarten at the public school in 2017 (mostly because we decided to enroll Perry into Kindergarten again and we decided we did not want them to be in the same grade). 

We debated where she should go to school last year and we landed on the perfect place for her. She was in a half-day Kindergarten class. Her school was very child-centered and hands-on learning based. She was encouraged to be independent, to explore, to create, and to use all of her senses. There was just the right balance for her to learn academics but also just to learn to love learning. Her favorite part of the afternoon was their 30 minutes of outside time to work in the garden, play on the playground, dig in the sand and water, look for bugs, make up games with her friends, and just get good and dirty, as all kids should.

She loved school. She loved her teacher. She loved her friends. She grew so much throughout the year.

And then all of a sudden it was graduation day.

Eric was able to sneak away from work and join me at the graduation ceremony. They performed a few songs, she received her diploma, and then they revealed the kindergarten project they left for the school this year--a mud kitchen.

We love this girl more than we can say and I know she will do great at full-day kindergarten in a few months.