June 19, 2017

goodbye elementary school

Because of our move, Kacin has been in the top dog grade of his elementary school two years in a row. The end of the 2016-2017 school year brought his last elementary school band concert and his last graduation out of elementary school.

Let's start with his band concert. Eric was out of town that week and missed it, but I recorded all of his songs for him and our little percussionist made us proud.

Most of the percussionists..

You can see his head poking out in the back row in different spots as he played different instruments during different songs.

The band played again at the 6th grade promotion.

Kacin received two awards that day. One for his work on the student council and the other for honor roll.

We are so proud of our Kacin and he is totally ready for Jr. High next year.