June 28, 2017

Father's day

Our children our lucky beyond words to have such a great father. He is a pretty perfect example of love and service. Case in point: Without hesitating, he agreed to volunteer to prepare and serve a meal at a shelter for a group of homeless people on father's day Sunday evening.

We drove back home that night and we were all feeling grateful for the opportunity to serve and to meet and talk with some of those nice people. Kyler and I had a very interesting and enjoyable conversation with a man at our table. And I was feeling pretty grateful, too, to have Eric by my side leading our family and providing for us in so many ways.

We celebrated him in the morning with a prepared breakfast of breakfast burritos and then cards and small gifts from all of us.

In the afternoon, right after church, Eric requested a game of Nerts.

While the older boys played with us and Perry played with his own Legos, Layla asked to use my phone to look at pictures. I had an inkling of what she was up to, so I wasn't too surprised when I discovered at least twenty new videos on my phone. Most of them were of songs she made up. Our absolute favorite was this Father's Day song.

She summed it up perfectly! And it's the first song I've ever heard that mentions black licorice and a"grilling gloooooove!" We love this girl and her singing talents so, so much.

Happy Father's day, Eric!