June 29, 2017

a day in Tucson: rock climbing and the temple

We took a day trip to Tucson to see my Uncle Randy and to attend the Tucson temple open house. My uncle took us to his indoor climbing gym to let us experience rock climbing. Who would've guessed it, but three of our children found a love in climbing. I guess I was only surprised by our youngest child who could not get enough of climbing. Layla was up and down again and again and so enjoyed it.

Layla left me in her dust when we climbed next to each other.

Uncle Randy's technique may have been a lot better than ours.

We only got Perry to climb on the bottom portion a couple times. And he was mad about doing that. He said it was too tall and too scary.

Uncle Randy made us a really nice lunch at his house and then we went over to the Tucson temple open house. I was hopeful this would be a beautiful experience for us, but unfortunately it was SO very crowded on that saturday afternoon. They told us so far that day they had 1200 people an hour going through the temple. Which meant we parked a mile away, waited a long time to get on the bus, and walked through in a packed line. Everyone was a bit tired by this point. Perry couldn't handle it so Eric only made it through the first room with him. Layla was bothered by the coverings they put over your shoes. Everything was feeling so crazy that this was the only picture we actually took there. There were some good moments and conversations inside the temple. And it was absolutely beautiful. I am glad we went. I just wish, for our family, we had gone at a less busy time. But we are so grateful to have another temple built here in Arizona!