May 18, 2017

two hours tonight #lifewithautism


Me: "I love you."
P: "I hate you."

I'm going to bite this.
No reaction from me.
Chucks it at my face.

Let's go upstairs to your room.

I'm going to throw my trophy.
I'm destroying my toys.

Hold my hand.
Stay with me.
Let's finish making dinner together.

Two chairs
knocked onto their sides
crash to the floor.

Hold my hand.
Stay with me.

I'm going to bite my shirt.
Bite this instead.
I'll help you take off your shirt.

I want all my candy.
I'm not eating my dinner.

First dinner,
then candy.

My leg is caked with applesauce.
My arm is caked with applesauce. 
And my shirt is covered, too.
The floor is covered with applesauce 
and french bread pizza.

I'm going to bite my socks.
His feet go into his mouth.
I eat my dinner.

Run this way.
Run that way.
Run this way.
Run that way.

Hold my hand.
Stay with me.

Crumple, crumple.
I broke the letter cards.

Here's your blanket.
In my arms.
Cuddle, cuddle.

I pinch you.
I hate you.
I kill you.
I kick you.

I want ALL the candy.

First dinner,
then candy.

If you eat the candy first,
it goes in the trash.

On my lap.
Careful, careful of those biting teeth.
Off my lap.

Eats a piece of chocolate.
Spits it out in the garbage
when he sees me coming
towards the pile of candy.
I'm sorry!

Bites of dinner.

You are calm now.
You can go play.

Dumps the fish food 
all out 
on the carpet.

I want ALL the candy.

It's your fault!

It's time for bed.
Scooped up into my arms.
Head rests gently on my shoulder.

I pee on you!

I glance in the mirror.
My disheveled hair
in the messiest of messy buns.
If it looks like I've been beaten up,
it's because it's so.

I'm not going to bed.

We can leave the light on.
Rub his back.

I bite this.
Bite your toothbrush instead.

Can I lay with you?
Nods his head.

Mama, you stay?

Repeated kisses
on my lips,
on the top of my head,
and on my shoulder, too.

Hugs my arm
just like he is hugging
his favorite stuffed animal.

Me: I love you.
P: Mama, I lub you!!

I love you so much, my Perry boy. More than you will ever know.

*picture at the top was actually taken yesterday after Perry came home from school. Another bitten shirt with a big hole. It's been a hard week at school, too.

A huge shout out to Kyler especially who, when bedtime came, worked so well with Layla to help her get her room cleaned and get her all ready for bed. She was so excited to show me that Kyler let her wear his shorts for her pajamas! Thrilled. She only wished that some of her pajamas were big enough to let Kyler wear.

I made them hug for the camera.