May 26, 2017

the rest of our utah trip

After the last session of conference, we drove down to visit a friend from WA who had moved to Utah. We followed the maps directions until I realized we were 5 min from our old Utah house in American Fork. We did a quick drive by of our house. It's nostalgic going somewhere that had such an impact on your life--memories of friends and teaching, experiences when our oldest two joined our family, and thoughts of our adoption day came flooding back. We made a super quick stop by the Wilde's house to say hello because I couldn't drive by their house without seeing some of my favorite people.

Then we made it to the Carlsen's house and we had a nice dinner and thoroughly enjoyed catching up with them.

We spent Monday all over Thanksgiving Point. I love it there.

The boys convinced us to let them use their own money and rent a golf cart to ride around the garden. 

I think the pre-jump/post-jump pictures are just as entertaining as the jump itself.

a continuous game of tag...