May 12, 2017

sick day

Our Layla girl is feeling under the weather. A high fever came on last night and has stayed. My poor girl. We canceled all of our plans today (and we had a lot--field trip, dance rehearsal, and subbing) and called it a sick day. We are hoping this passes quickly. No one likes being sick.

The only good thing that has come of it is that since we are home all day, in between taking care of Layla, I have made a nice dent in my to-do list around the house. And I started to bake.

I've been watching the Great British Baking Show while I fold laundry and do dishes and I find it quite fascinating. And it inspired me today to make my first caramel custard. It's baking right now so I can't say how it will actually turn out. But I tried my hand at something new so that's exciting, right?

And so I don't leave this post with only a picture of poor, sick Layla, here are a couple of pictures from our Activity Days Mother Daughter Luau. Layla loves tagging along to these "girl time" activities, even though she's got a few more years until she is on the roster. And I love having her there with me!