May 16, 2017

little league

I wrote this post way back at the beginning of April! I was going to publish it then but I was having trouble uploading the pictures from my blogger app on my phone that day. And I just now finally sat down today to download my phone pictures onto my computer. 

We are now at the tail end of the baseball season. Perry had his last game on saturday and the playoff's for Kacin's team start this week. Kacin literally still has something baseball every week night. We love baseball, but the time commitment has been a bit tricky for our family. But Kacin is enjoying it and his team officially ranked second at the end of the regular season.   

It feels good to sit down at my computer again! I spent the first weekend of April in Utah for General Conference and then I ended up subbing the rest of the week at Layla's school. My evenings are filled with little league baseball and the weekend was spent catching up at home and trying to spend some much needed family time together.

But now I'm back here to document our little lives.

Since it seems like our time is dictated by Little League schedules these days, I will start with that.

I was so proud on Little League opening day to have two players parading onto the baseball field.

Kacin is playing in the Majors this year and was drafted onto the Redsox team. He has a pretty amazing coach who is very serious about this game of baseball so this has been the most competitive season Kacin has ever played. He has a game or practice usually four times a week. His team has won every game so far, except for one in which they tied.

Perry is playing on the Challenger team and I'm so excited for him that we found a team that he can participate on successfully. He keeps calling the sport soccer (since we just came off of soccer season for Kyler), but he is having a good time playing baseball. I think his favorite part of it though is bringing a gatorade to drink. And he is so proud that he can go play a sport (at night, without his little sister--sorry Layla) just like his big brothers. The challenger team is an amazing community of parents and players! The support and the kindness and the love permeates that field when those kids get out there to play.

Kacin's team played against the second challenger team one saturday morning. The brothers were disappointed that they didn't get to play each other, but it was great watching Kacin out there working well with and watching out for some pretty awesome players.

Love my baseball boys!