May 11, 2017

happy Thursday

I accidentally slept in this morning. It was 7:08 when I woke up. It put me in a bit of a panic when I knew I needed to rush to get lunches made and kids ready for school. But my mood shifted to pure happiness when I heard a few minutes later that our church will be pulling out from the Scouting program for 14-18 year old boys! Which is a step in the right direction and hopefully it means its only a matter of time before they pull out of cub scouts and the rest of scouts! And I am thrilled. I know the scouting program does a lot of good for some people. So maybe I shouldn't be this happy.  But I have always hated the disparity between the programs the church supported for the boys vs the girls. And we have such active, busy boys that scouting has always felt like one more thing to pile on our full plates. I am relieved and just plain happy this morning.

In other family news...

Kyler is going to club soccer tryouts this week. We lucked out with absolutely beautiful weather on his first day of tryouts. But he also came home with blisters on his feet because his soccer cleats were too small! We bought him new cleats last night--one and a half sizes bigger than his last pair! He is growing so quickly. No wonder he eats like a bottomless pit. So with new shoes that actually fit him, I think he is ready for the second day of tryouts.


We went to home depot over the weekend. There was a bug on the ground inside the store. Layla rescued him and brought him outside so he wouldn't get smashed by feet or carts. She has had an obsession with bugs since a study of insects and butterflies at school last month so this rescue mission came as no surprise.


Happy Thursday!!