May 25, 2017

general conference weekend

Three more school days and then summer vacation begins. I've never felt so unprepared for summer break to get here. Which is all besides the fact because my purpose today is General Conference.

Yes, general conference that happened nearly two months ago. It was such a fabulous weekend and I have been too slow in getting to it.

Eric and I decided, in our family, when you are 12 we will go on a special trip to Utah to attend General Conference. Kyler got to go with Eric last year. While Kyler and Eric had a great time together, I think Ky felt like he got the short end of the stick since they spent the majority of the trip driving in the car. Meanwhile, Kacin and I flew in a plane. I guess that's a dad vs mom experience. Sorry, Ky.

Kacin and I flew into Salt Lake City on a Friday morning. We met up with our good friends from WA, Caleb and Adrienne, at the airport and spent the weekend with them.

We ate way too much pizza.

And then used some free passes at the Clark planetarium.

We walked over to temple square and took a tour of the Beehive house, walked through the beautiful Joseph Smith Memorial building, and enjoyed the temple grounds.

We got Joseph Smith (the statue) in this selfie.

So incredibly beautiful!

Our main means of transportation for the weekend was Trax (though Adrienne's wonderful in-laws so kindly let us borrow their car whenever we needed to). Which was fun in and of itself.

We spent 48 hours as dedicated temple square conference attendees. We watched the first session of conference in the Tabernacle.

Then we waited in line and got tickets into the Conference Center for the afternoon session. I was both dizzy and claustrophobic sitting up so high. But some of my favorite talks came from this session. Like this and this and this.

The boys had tickets to the Priesthood session with Caleb's grandpa (while Adrienne and I enjoyed a nice dinner).

On Sunday, we watched the morning session in the Joseph Smith Memorial building. Then in the afternoon we had awesome seats in the Conference Center.

What did we do in between conference sessions?

Smushed lunches between sessions. And by the end of it some trunky kids...

It is such an experience to be there at conference, to be in the same room as the apostles and prophets. I'm so grateful we got to be there!