May 2, 2017

a little more Layla

It's not that she's my favorite, it's just that she is my only child who asks me to take pictures of her. All the time.

And the only one that goes to school like this.

You noticed that badge on her shirt, right? She makes those things ALL the time and wears them all day on her clothes. Like this one, too.

She's my one who worked hard at school on a life size human body project.

She's also the one who I spend more time with since she is in half day school (but that all changes in just 10 weeks!! Yikes!).

She's the one who poses before dance class.

And is thrilled about her new tie shoes.

And she's the one who reads a scripture book like this: "Captain Moroni tries to get satan and his crew.

Captain Moroni thinks of a plan of what to do."


So while she is not my only favorite (I have four of those!), she is pretty great to have around.