May 30, 2017

evening walks

By some miracle during the last month, we had a few evenings together as a family. We took advantage of the cooler evening air and went walking through our neighborhood to a park in  a new neighborhood. Dad is the official spinner on such outings.

These two. I love the rare moments when they is peace between them.

May 28, 2017

no pictures

I have two pictures on my phone that I have promised not to post anywhere.  

One is of Kacin's back after allergy testing. He's done allergy testing before so we weren't too surprised by the results, but the poor kid is basically allergic to everything. But this time the allergist suggested avoiding peanuts since he had a small positive to that. He has done that now and it has made such a difference with his skin! He is very disappointed that it means no more peanut butter, but I'm glad we are finding some things that make a difference. He has also begun allergy shots. At least once a week, he is getting them. We are hoping this helps, too.

The other picture I'm not allowed to post is of Kyler's dog bite. This is actually the second time the neighbor's dog has bitten one of my kids. And not just a little nip on the hand. A break the skin full on dog bite. Now it is clear (one of the reasons) why I hate dogs so much. Especially this particular dog. The neighbors assured us the dog would be taken care of ...

Even though I will not post any pictures or add more detail about these two things on here, this is our family's record so I wanted to post something.

May 26, 2017

the rest of our utah trip

After the last session of conference, we drove down to visit a friend from WA who had moved to Utah. We followed the maps directions until I realized we were 5 min from our old Utah house in American Fork. We did a quick drive by of our house. It's nostalgic going somewhere that had such an impact on your life--memories of friends and teaching, experiences when our oldest two joined our family, and thoughts of our adoption day came flooding back. We made a super quick stop by the Wilde's house to say hello because I couldn't drive by their house without seeing some of my favorite people.

Then we made it to the Carlsen's house and we had a nice dinner and thoroughly enjoyed catching up with them.

We spent Monday all over Thanksgiving Point. I love it there.

The boys convinced us to let them use their own money and rent a golf cart to ride around the garden. 

I think the pre-jump/post-jump pictures are just as entertaining as the jump itself.

a continuous game of tag...