April 19, 2017

These Days


Eric is back home from his business trip and life is just so much better when he is around. I'm so grateful for cell phones so we can stay connected when he is away, but talking and family prayers are just not the same over the phone.


I don't know if I've mentioned this on here, but Eric started a new job over a month ago. I think in the long run it was a good decision for our family to accept this new position, but I was mourning for a few weeks when it hit me that Eric was really leaving microsoft. I don't know why exactly, but I felt such an attachment to microsoft. Maybe it was because of all the family picnics we went to there or because of the amazing benefits that allowed us four weeks together after our adoption and to build up our savings and never worry about anything medical. Mostly I just felt so much gratitude for the company that made it possible for us to move back to Arizona. But it was time to make a change and we are grateful Eric found the job he did.

I stayed up too late last night at my article group (like a book club but instead of reading a book we read an article or listen to a TED talk or whatever). We were discussing a documentary we watched on PBS called "The Bad Kids." I am so glad I watched it! And I love getting together with those ladies and talking about interesting topics, and what's going on in our own lives.


I was talking to a friend the other day with three little kids. I think her oldest is in second grade. She mentioned something about how much time I must have to myself with my kids all in some kind of school. Ha! It is amazing how that "free time" fills up so quickly to the point that I am always playing catch up. And probably part of it is also that with older kids, my evenings have become busier than ever and we all get to bed later than I would like which means less time for me to do things in the evenings like I used to.


I have a gazillion pictures on my phone waiting for me to sort through. Here is to hoping that this is my week!

*all pictures in this post courtesy of Layla