April 30, 2017

smashed eggs

We had four dozen hard boiled eggs we dyed for Easter. I use the "hard boiled" descriptor loosely though because in my rush of getting everything ready apparently some of them didn't cook long enough.

This made it a little more exciting when the boys began some egg tossing. You never knew if it would smash and be hard boiled into your hand or be oooey-goooey.

Then Kacin and Layla decided they needed more space for egg tossing than our backyard could offer. So they packed it up and took the eggs across the street to the grassy common area. Kacin literally packed his pockets full of eggs to carry them over. They were his church pants. Remember that not all the eggs were cooked very well? Well Kacin remembered when some eggs went squish in his pockets.

After he changed clothes, the egg smashing festivities really began. The baseball bat came out. Egg pieces went flying. Some neighbors joined us with their hard boiled eggs. I wish now I had a picture of that field covered in eggs before we cleaned it up. I think we found a new Easter tradition.