April 26, 2017

Easter Saturday

The Easter bunny was planning on giving each of the kids a gift perfect for the pool. But Eric and I beat the Easter bunny to it when we gave them pool toys on Saturday so we could actually use them that same day!

But we did not just hand our kids those pool toys. We made them work for them.

They came downstairs to this.

They were each told their yarn color and they had to follow their string and roll it back up in order to get to their gift. Kacin questioned our sanity and begged us not to do this again (so it looks like it's a family trafition now!). It was a bit of a work out for Eric and I to set it all up (by the 4th yarn ball we were going over and under and trapping ourselves into all sorts of tight spots), but I think it was worth it. 

We put those pool toys to good use when we went swimming after an Allen family Easter egg hunt.