April 11, 2017

blue nails

I wrote an entire blog post today. I finally had a chance to sit down at the computer. But before I could publish it, our internet went out. I haven't been able to get it working yet so blogging from my phone it is.

Without it, I have come to see how reliant on the internet we are--Perry wanted to play a video game, Kyler needed to finish some stuff for school, I had some bills to pay, etc And none of it could happen without our internet connection. 

Layla and I stopped at the library tonight after dropping Kacin off at practice. When we got there, I noticed her hands.

She had been working on art projects right before we left. Apparently, one of those art projects was giving herself blue nail polish (with dot markers). She has asked a few times over the last few days to paint her nails with nail polish, but we haven't had a chance to yet.  Well, she decided to take matters into her own hands. I remember doing this with crayons when I was little, but the markers are much bolder.