April 29, 2017

Because He Lives

We woke up Easter morning to some kids quite excited to see if the Easter Bunny came and filled their baskets. Lucky us, he did. He made sure to leave a few new books in everyone's basket.


After breakfast, we went outside in search of the eggs that the easter bunny hid around our backyard.

As we got ready for church, I was getting myself psyched to speak in church that day. I have to tell myself over and over how much fun speaking is, how much I enjoy it, and how much it doesn't really matter how I do in order to try to keep the nerves at bay. If I didn't take such measures to calm down, I'm certain I would pass out or throw up on my way to the pulpit.

But my message was one I wanted to share--I needed to share. Because of Him, because of my Savior, Jesus Christ, there are so many things that are possible in my life.

Because of Him, I can feel peace and joy no matter my circumstances.

Because of Him, I can do hard things. I can do all things.

Because of He Lives, I have a perfect example to follow and someone I can always trust.

Because of Him, I can repent and change.

Because of Him, we live in an absolutely beautiful world.

Because He lives, my life has purpose and a plan.

Because He lives, I can be with my family forever.

Because of Him, I have hope!

And so much more. All because of Him. He lives!

At the end of the day, we tried to gather our family together for a picture in the backyard. Perry was not happy about that idea. I was just glad that at least he threw himself down in a spot still in view of the camera. I am so lucky, Because of Him, I get these people in my life!