April 24, 2017

a fairy tale kindergarten performance

Perry participated in his school's Kindergarten fairy tale performance!

These cute 5 and 6 year olds came onto the stage and sang song after song about nursery rhymes and fairy tales. Perry was most excited about the big bad wolf song and hickory dickory dock.

He was an absolute cutie up there front and center dressed up as a knight/king Peter. Just don't look too closely at that ragamuffin costume! 

Perry was excited and happy and that's all that matters. I just wish he hadn't changed his mind  5 min before we left so we could've had him a little more put together. You see, he had agreed to be Peter Pan. We have a really nice Peter Pan costume and it would've worked perfectly for the performance. But right when it was time to leave, he refused to put Peter Pan on. So we began a frantic frenzy trying to convince him to wear a costume! In the end, Kyler's old King Peter (from Narnia) costume won so he could be a knight. Like Eric said, this wasn't a very good costume to begin with and now 7 years later it was not holding up very well! Oh well. He was pleased and I was proud of him for doing so well at the performance.