March 18, 2017

Wave Cave

Since all the kids are home for spring break, Eric took a day off work. We dropped Perry off at my sister's house and headed over to the Superstition Mountains.

It was a little on the warm side that day, and we left later than we planned, but other than that it was an absolutely beautiful time to be hiking in the desert. It was as a green as the desert can be and lovely wildflowers of purple, yellow, orange, and white were popping up all over the place.

Our destination was the Wave Cave. It is a trail that Eric and I had never been on before. We took this picture about 1/3 of the way from the top. 


Since we had never been there before, we had a little trouble finding the right trail to take and ended up hiking about 20 extra minutes along a different trail before we went back to find the correct path. We had to remind the whiners in the group that this was an adventure.

Eric carried Layla on his shoulders a few times, but the last half mile or so is pretty steep and so she had to get those 5 year old legs up there herself with just a little bit of help. It was not an easy hike for any of us, but she did it! Once we got to the top and into the cave we had a beautiful view looking out.

And a pretty cool view looking in.

But I would say the coolest view was looking up at everyone "riding" the wave.

Eric bowing to me. He knows his proper place. ;)
Our humorous attempt at a heart.

I'm not sure if this one is much better.

The way down was even more tricky for those little legs that kept slipping. This time we had to remind to have courage (part of our family theme this year!) and that we could do hard things. And we did it!

A hike like that always proves that we are stronger than we think we are. And a hike like that also needs to be followed by a stop at in-n-out for hamburgers and shakes.