March 14, 2017

spring break is here

On our first day of spring break, I got the valentine's decorations put away. We pulled out our spring/easter decorations, too. Now that was an accomplishment!

I was also supposed to drop off stacks of cookies I was asked to make for trek by 10am. The cookies were done and I had every intention of getting them where they needed to be around 9am. But I got started with laundry and helping kids and our "mom time" and the next thing I knew it was 10:45am. Yikes! I was embarrassed I lost track of time like that, but it worked out just fine when I brought them over an hour late.

We got a solar cover for our pool and that has made all of the difference in getting and keeping the pool up to a nice comfortable temperature. Though the outside temperature hitting 100 degrees yesterday probably helps that one.

Speaking of, isn't spring break in March way too early to turn on your ac?? I'm not ready for the heat already! We were trying to hold off until April before we turned it on, but last night when we were trying to sleep upstairs, I begged E to turn it on just to get the upstairs temperature down to 79. We turned it on and slept much better.

 Back to the pool. We all swam on saturday and had the first bbq of the season. Then the boys filled the pool yesterday with a few of their friends. And today cousins come over to swim. I think we are enjoying our backyard.


Kacin's life is baseball practice right now. He has had to miss out on some other things (mutual, family dinner with friends, etc), which I don't think he is thrilled about, but it's good to see him dedicated and working hard at something.

Eric and I kicked off spring break by seeing "Thoroughly Modern Millie" at the Hale theater over the weekend. I love our season tickets to that place.

I introduced our spring break homeschool plan to the kids on Sunday. This was the first year our oldest gave a little push back about that thing, but after I introduced it and he tried it out yesterday, I heard no complaints and it seemed to go smoothly. Well, besides the fact that it took Layla all day to work on her stuff (and she didn't even finish). She would rather sit there and watch the boys swim then get her chores done so she could swim.

Here are their charts (these are in addition to their regular chores).


They just have to write in or check off what they did for each area. They are pretty pleased that for Sports/exercise watching their sport on tv counts. Not every day, but there is value in watching the professionals sometimes. For mom time, which includes Layla this year!, we started reading "Alice in Wonderland." For reading, I have said the older boys have to finish at least one book a week (we needed that stipulation as motivation for somebody in particular). They have writing choices each day. And they have each been assigned a younger sibling for the week for sib time (yesterday, Kacin read a book to Perry while he was yelling on the stairs that he wanted to play his video game and Layla and Kyler worked on a puzzle together). The older boys have choices for their spiritual section, but I did say that by the end of break they need to have read all of the For the Strength of Youth. Field trips, we are just writing in as we make plans for the week.    


Layla and Perry's charts don't have so much detail. We are just marking off when we do something (practice letters/read Phonics book etc (reading), draw a picture/write your name/copy words etc (writing), counting objects (math) etc.

There is always a reward at the end of our homeschool plans, but this year no one has even asked what it is. I'm ok with that!

Besides these plans and a few little planned outings, we have a low key spring break ahead of us. Yay for sleeping in and staying home!