March 3, 2017

arizona railway museum

Layla and I toured the Arizona railway museum today with a group of other moms. (Don't I deserve an award for documenting this the same day it happened?)

She insisted she bring one of our trains from home since we were going to the train yard.

We got to walk through about five cars and it was so cool to see inside and to see artifacts from long ago when travel by train was the way to go.

We finished our tour by ringing the bell in the steam engine.

Before we left this morning, Layla came upstairs to where I was getting ready and showed me her latest creation made from crayons, colored pencils, marker lids, a button and a bead, and a whole bunch of tape (and of course made while she was supposed to be getting ready--but, like I said, what can I say about that when she comes up with some pretty creative stuff all on her own). Pretty cool car/spaceship, eh?