February 25, 2017


We procrastinated our homemade Valentine's cards until the night before Valentine's day. That was a great idea. Or not. 

Kacin got lucky this year and I bought store bought starburst Valentine's for him to pass out instead of making him make some (though, much to his dismay, I still made him write everyone's names).  I figured if we were in WA still he would be in middle school and completely over the valentine's cards for your class anyways. 

Plus, Perry had to make Valentine's for 50 kids (a mainstream class plus all of the autism program kiddos). I was not going to try to get him to create that many. So I bought him the starburst set too for one class (and he made the rest).

Layla was the first to sit down and create her cards for her friends at school. She worked hard writing her name on each one and going to to town on each one with the stickers.


Even with the starburst valentine's for the mainstream class, Perry had to make 25 cards for his friends in the autism classes. In order to make this a successful project, I had him write his name four times on a blank piece of paper and then copied it onto his Valentine's message. Then when we sat down together he focused on the stickers and the candy. It worked well!


Kyler did not make any valentine's cards for school, but he did sit down and work on valentine's for each member of our family.


On Valentine's Day, we were all bummed that daddy was out of town and wouldn't be there with us. We tried to carry on and celebrate as a family, but we sure missed him.

I gave Valentine's cards and a plate of treats to each of the kids when they got home from school. 

I got to join Perry at both of his Valentine's parties at school.

And then I was off to see Layla pass out her Valentine's at her school. You can see my attempt at a heart in the hair on Valentine's day.


Kacin came home with a secret admirer. He consented to me taking a picture of the candy gram that was sent to his classroom from  an "unknown" admirer. 

We spent the evening (missing Eric still) pulling out the disco ball, turning out the lights, blaring the music and having our own living room dance party. We exchanged the family valentine's cards before everyone headed to bed.

Love my 5 Valentine's!

random picture from recent hiking (picture from our hike today)