February 21, 2017

scripture reading

I can't remember if I've mentioned this before, but we hold two family scripture studies a day in our house. Because we are just that righteous.


No, it has nothing to do with our level of righteousness, but more with our level of forgetfulness and our busy schedule.

By trying to do two a day, it pretty much guarantees that we will remember to do it at least once and that even if you miss the morning one because you are at soccer practice or, in Layla's case, you are sleeping or if you miss the evening one because of mutual or because we just plain forget, it's ok.

In the morning, just before Perry and Kacin get on their buses, we pull out the picture scriptures and read a story. Perry is awesome at reminding us to read scriptures and pray together before he leaves!

In the evening, we do one of three things. We might read one column or page from a Book of Mormon (everyone reads a verse or two) that we pass around. Or we have tried sitting around the table with everyone marking their own copy of the Book of Mormon (usually we try to mark the names of Christ, but we have told them they can also mark what stands out to them). And then lately some nights we have been sharing a scripture story from the Gospel Art Kit.

Let me explain that last one a little better. I have been wanting to do this for at least two years now and my sister finally helped make it happen. The idea came when I decided I wanted each of our kids to have a picture of Christ in their rooms. I looked into it for a long time, but nice art work is so expensive and I was hoping to get pictures that they could rotate through their rooms. So last year I decided that since we already have a Gospel Art Kit (I don't think they make these anymore!), what we really needed was a board in each child's room that we could hang and switch out those pictures. And so that's what Jacqui made for each of my kids for Christmas.


So about once every week or two-ish, the kids pick a new gospel picture to hang on their wall. And then sometimes, for our scripture study, we meet in a child's room and they read the story to us. And then I ask them to tell us why they picked that particular picture or what did they like about it, etc. Then we rotate to a new child's room the next time.

We are almost two months into using the picture boards, and I love them. And I'm pretty certain the kids enjoy it, too.