February 8, 2017

his first real playdate

I was so thrilled yesterday to see Perry doing something he has never done before. It began on Sunday during our weekly family calendaring meeting when he asked to have a friend from church come over to play this week. Say what?! He has never ever asked for a friend to play with him. I am more used to things like him refusing to allow me to invite friends to his birthday party. Or me arranging for a neighbor to come over (with one of his therapists there to help work with him) and it turning into the biggest aggressive meltdown of all time. Or him putting a chair to block the way so no one will "get" his toys when they come over.

So his first self-initiated playdate and I was beyond thrilled to make it happen. I was ecstatic. And I knew the sweetest little friend from his church class that we could invite over.

We arranged for him to come over for just about an hour. Which ended up being the perfect amount of time for him to keep it a success.

They played Lego Star Wars on the xbox (Perry's current favorite thing to do right now).

After a small snack, they went upstairs and pulled out the rescue bots, the Legos, and the nerf guns. I checked on them (maybe a little too often) and they were doing great and I was jumping around the house as excited as could be for my little guy. A friend!

When it was time for his friend to go home, Perry politely said goodbye and told him thanks for coming over and then ran as fast as he could to go back and zone out with his game.

But he did say he would love for his friend to come over again sometime. yay!