January 6, 2017

these days

I can't believe we are almost a week into the new year. Something about writing the year 2017 has really freaked me out. 2017. Man, time is flying by.

And over the last week I have had four christmas cards returned back to me. Apparently, I was too tired and maybe interrupted one too many times when I addressed those envelopes. I mixed up cities and zip codes between some people. And then completely left off the city/state/zip code line on someone else. Completely left it off. Haha. I guess we'll try again next year.  

The kids have a few more days before they head back to school. Eric's had some days off of work, too. We haven't been super productive, but it's been wonderful to relax, spend time together playing games, and hang out with friends and family. I have mostly loved sleeping in past 6:30am.

I love it when Perry gets in the mood to work on a project. 

Eric and I went to late night showing off Rogue One for a fun date night together.

I got to meet Perry's class at the museum of natural history for a field trip.

Such sweet kids and amazing teachers!

Layla's friend had sent us a flat gingerbread girl so we took her along to the museum to teach her all about arizona.

Watch out for the mammoth!

As a late birthday present for the boys, I took them to go see Studio C's Matt Meese at Jesterz. Such an entertaining night. And my boys were beyond thrilled to meet Matt and get his autograph.

My little baby girl lost her first tooth!!

We've been going on bike rides at least once a week and have found some cool parks. I don't know how they spin on this thing. I was dizzy just watching.

Showing off that beautiful toothless grin again . . .

And more facetime pictures on my phone after chats with washington friends . . .

Alright, I'll end there for today. We are heading out on another bike ride in this beautiful arizona weather!