January 27, 2017

Storm Soccer

Kyler had his first school soccer game since making the team. He is in heaven playing on a competitive, talented team with an awesome coach. He has early morning practices and a busy schedule, but he is as happy as can be.

He was nervous to start as keeper in the first game, but he had no reason to be. He is awesome as goalie!

It's hard to see in these blurry phone pictures, especially with that white ball, but he blocked ball after ball.

The second half he played as a mid- defender. He has so much drive and energy out on the field.

Since Eric was out of town, Layla and I were on the only ones who were able to cheer him on this time. So while Layla ate snacks, turned in circles, and took pictures of the ground...

Kyler and his team took away their first win of the season! Way to go Santan Storm!

Kacin wanted to be at the game, but he was hard at work building the Roman colosseum. :)