January 9, 2017

Out of the mouth of Layla

Just a few days after her first tooth came out (the tooth she let Kacin pull out!), she wiggled her second tooth right out.

I had this conversation with Layla the other day when it was time to clean her room.

Layla: When I'm a mom, I'm not going to clean.
Me: well, who will?
Layla: the husband

"Take a picture of my beard."
Layla is sooo excited to start soccer soon. She was asking me all sorts of questions about starting. My favorite question was this: "Is my soccer coach a huge human?" If she means, adult then the answer is yes. And I guess that also makes me a "huge human."

We watched Indiana Jones Raiders of the Lost Ark as a family. After one of the guys died in the cave Layla asked if he would become one of the bone "decorations " on the walls of the cave.