January 28, 2017

her first love, and other things they've said

"Mama, did you know Jackson and I are in love?"

Layla tells me they will get married. She goes around telling everyone this. But she also told me she wonders how they will find each other when they get older and it's time to get married.


As part of a birthday present, Eric is gone today to a grilling/BBQ workshop. Layla woke up this morning and kept asking if dad was with all the girls. Then she insisted he was with the girls today. I finally figured out when he told her grill class she heard girl. I hope she's the one with the misunderstanding and not me. ;)


Perry had a super rough day at school last week. One of the triggers was when he was asked to clean up after a craft. So the next day, I was talking to him after school about how his day went. I asked if he helped clean up after himself. He calmly told me no because "The teacher can handle it."


I was upstairs when I heard the front door open. I came downstairs to find that Layla had opened the front door because she thought she heard someone knock. I sat her down to explain the rules again of opening the door. She did a little back talking with a "Blah blah blah" at me. Before I could say anything, Perry stepped in. He pointed his figure at Layla and exclaimed "Layla!" Then he gestured towards me as he commanded her, "You say sorry to her!"