January 25, 2017

Happy birthday to E

Eric's birthday celebration was a bit of a washout, too. Perry got hit with the bug we all had. It was just delayed from the rest of us. So Eric's birthday plans were canceled because of it.

But he still got the birthday poster, that Layla worked so hard on, hung up on the wall. She loves her daddy and worked hard on his birthday picture.

We gave him his gifts and lots of hugs. He means the world to us.

I kept apologizing to him that his 35th birthday was so lame. Not that he said anything about the lameness, his heart is just too good. I eventually made up for it, almost two weeks later, when I was finally able to take him to Rodizios to eat.

How lucky I am to have this 35 year old as my best friend. He is amazing! And in my eyes he is the perfect father and husband and friend.