December 30, 2016

teenage boys weekend

While I was enjoying time with these ladies,

Kyler and Collin were hanging out, too.

It was a last minute decision, but we were so glad that Collin was able to come down and spend the weekend with Kyler. Those two have been best friends for a while now and I'm so glad they have had each other.

Kyler and Collin mostly hung out around our house, but Eric dropped them off at the movie theater and to play laser tag, too. They joined us on some of our outings, but we were also really good at banishing them to their own table at restaurants.  Ha! Poor boys. But I didn't feel too sorry for them since they were both skipping school and still got to have plenty of adventures.

We are so grateful for good friends!

And I also want to give the biggest praise right now to some pretty amazing husbands/dads who are the absolute greatest! There were four men who did an awesome job at taking care of our families back home so that we women could have this time to relax and get together. I know back in washington, the "brother husbands" were even helping each other out at church christmas parties. Ha! We hope those men get together for their own guys weekend sometime, too.