December 7, 2016

o christmas tree

There was a big debate this year about fake tree or real tree. We thought we decided to go with a fake pre-lit tree. Eric and I went to costco to get one. And then we impulsively bought a real tree instead.

I instantly had buyers remorse (E will testify to this). Because the magic of a real tree is looking over all of the trees and inspecting and sizing them up to find the "perfect one." The last few years that process has even included getting out the saw and cutting one down. At costco, the trees were all wrapped up so you couldn't really even tell what you were getting. The allure and excitement of bringing home the christmas tree just wasn't there without all of our kids deciding with us and running around asking for candy canes and cocoa.

We got the tree home and set up. And the magic of the christmas tree was restored once we pulled out all of the lights and ornaments and got to work.

It was Perry's honor to place the first ornament on the Christmas tree.

Then the decorating mayhem commenced.

Once the ornaments adorned the tree to the kids liking, Kacin placed the final piece atop the tree--the Star.

And so the Christmas season has begun in our home.