December 19, 2016

moms take Tombstone

These three!! They came to visit for the weekend and I was so thrilled to have them here! The whole weekend was just surreal. It was nice to relax and talk and laugh with some of my favorite people. I only wish that everyone else from washington could've made it too! Next time we will have to gather even more of us together.

Oh wait, I think I counted wrong. There was actually 5 of us together for the weekend--Poldark wanted to hang out, too. :) :)

The first thing we did when they arrived was put Heidi to work as our official selfie taker.

It was really late, but we ate at Cheesecake Factory and had some good laughs with Poldark.

I guess I should say that Poldark didn't fly down from Washington. But somehow he ended up in a gift bag I gave the girls with welcome to Arizona water bottles. I must say though, he was a pleasant addition to the group. Haha.

I printed out these waterbottle labels and stuck them on costco water.

The next day we headed down to the town to tough to die--Tombstone, AZ. Our first stop was Boothill Graveyard.

Heidi touched her first cactus.

And we met John Wayne--the cowboy of all cowboys.

We ate lunch in a saloon while being serenaded by a cowboy with some real fine country music (also while covering my eyes to avoid the majority of the pictures).

Sarsaparilla! The waiter let us order our drinks, but when I tried to order a hamburger he told me I couldn't order it because it wasn't really good there. He suggested the ribeye sandwiches. Everyone else changed their orders to that. But I'm so picky and I knew it was something I wouldn't eat so I changed to a pulled pork sandwich. But then that waiter told me that he wouldn't let me order that either because it was gross. So I asked him what I could order and I ended up with a philly cheesesteak. And that was the strangest cowboy waiter experience I have ever had.

We decided to dress up for some old time pictures.

Shannon and I made some good outlaws while Heidi and Lorane were proper Tombstone ladies.

We bought ourselves some "friendship" bracelets.

And enjoyed the history of the town.

After the gunfight, we found us some cowboys.

I would say that we definitely embraced the wild wild west that day! And this was also the first day (and probably last) that I used a hashtag on social media. And oh did we come up with some good hashtags. I was quite proud.

We ended the day with a late dinner at Oregano's. Yum!

It was a perfect start to our girls weekend. Love these ladies so much!