December 27, 2016

Merriest of Christmas

Merry Christmas! 

We had a lovely, full weekend. But what probably made the weekend the most memorable was the nasty food poisoning that brought at least 11 of us down and out beginning Christmas night. Some of us can already laugh at the experience while some of us are still recovering. . .

We spent Christmas Eve over in Phoenix. We got our Christmas miracle first thing--Perry finished a hike with us on south mountain! It made me so very happy to be doing something that I love with the people I love most. Our hikes in the past have never been very successful. But whatever it was (cooler temeperatures, less crowded, in the morning, Christmas magic), we all did it! 

We spent the rest of the day listening to stories told by great grandpa and playing games. Papa took us on motorcycle rides around the neighborhood.



We also exchanged gifts. 

Rats. I didn't get pictures of the older boys. Or anyone else.

Except there was this incredible photo shoot...
After all that fun, we got home and set out our stockings and prepared a plate for santa. And for once there was no fighting from a certain little girl about bedtime--she scooted off so fast. She was ready to sleep so santa could come.