December 2, 2016

in the service of your fellow beings

This was the very first picture we hung up on the wall of our new home.

It is an absolute favorite of mine.

Jesus, the greatest of all, humbly washing the feet of his disciples. So simple. Such love. Taking the time for each individual.

Every time I stop in front of this painting I feel closer to my savior and I am reminded of how I want to live my life.

Just like our Savior has shown, it is the simple, every day, small ways we serve that make such a difference. Each person around us is significant and worth our time and effort. The service we give does not need to be on display for all the world, but can be done in quiet ways without recognition and with humility. We are never "too good" or "too high up" to serve. It does not even matter where we serve, but how we serve. Serve in our homes, serve in our neighborhoods, serve in our church and community. But serve with love. Serve with charity--the pure love of Christ.  

It is so easy for me to get caught up in myself and life and forget all that.

One of the big reasons Eric and I decided to move back to arizona was to allow ourselves and our family more opportunities to serve. Not that we couldn't have done that back in washington! There are opportunities to serve no matter where you are (and always in our own homes especially). But, Eric was working and commuting so many hours each day and we were in "survival" mode for so long after the adoption that we knew we needed to make some changes. Moving is a natural time to break some habits and start some new ones. Plus, truly, life is less stressful here now that Eric is around more and the kids have a little more space and their own bedrooms in our new house. Which means we all feel a little bit more loving. Which helps us keep "serve" in the front of our minds and show more kindness and service, even when it's not the most convenient.

And I've learned this. When you choose to enjoy opportunities to serve your heart swells with love and joy. If we are willing to serve, God will use us. And don't ever underestimate prayer.

So I love that picture hanging in our home and the daily reminder it is (one that I so need!) to be a little more like our Savior.

With all of these thoughts on my mind lately, I was thrilled when I learned of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints initiative to Light the World this holiday season in 25 ways over 25 days. When we serve, like He did, we are bringing light to those around us and to the world. I LOVE that truth. I'm excited for our family to do our part to Light the World this month!