December 22, 2016

hiking, bahama bucks, and the temple lights

We hiked the Santan's when everyone was here. I love the beauty of the arizona desert!

Poldark enjoyed gazing over the mountains edge, too. his hair blowing in the wind.

Poor Lorane took a spill coming down the hill. But Poldark was there to comfort here.

The second time it happened, I don't think even Poldark could make it all better. She had matching scrapes on both legs. :(

Once we knew Lorane was ok, and we all stopped laughing with her, we went on a hunt for the perfect cactus to take a picture with.

It was not this one,

But this one that fit the perfect Saguaro cactus criteria. Such a beautiful giant of a cactus.

After the hike, Bahama Bucks was in order. Yum!

We also headed to one of my favorite places at Christmas time--the Mesa Arizona Temple. The grounds are beautiful this time of year and the spirit abounds.