December 24, 2016


Yesterday, when I looked at the calendar, I realized it had been 8 years since we became parents. Eight years since adoption day in Utah when two little boys became ours! It was the absolute most amazing Christmas present for us that year. That gift of parenthood has definitely been the best (yet most challenging) gift I have ever received. I sometimes take that gift for granted because the days are busy and full and my heart can feel heavy with all of the responsibilities associated with this gift. Though I sometimes feel weighed down by it, it serves me well to cherish it. Cherish each day and (most of) the moments. I get to be a mom! And that is where some of my deepest joy has come from. But I think it also serves me well to make sure to give myself some gifts this year--the gift of grace and the gift of patience with myself. My oldest may be thirteen, but I've only been at this parenthood thing for eight years. It's ok if I don't have it all figured out right at this moment (or ever???). Be patient with myself as I learn and I keep trying. 

It's Christmas Eve! We will spend the day with family that is in town. And hopefully we will take a few minutes to think about and let soak in the greatest gift we all have received--our Savior was born, He lived, He suffered and he died for us, and He lives again! He gives me hope and brings me the greatest joy. 

Merry Christmas!!!