November 11, 2016

these days

Each week Layla and Macie go to a music theater class. Layla loves it! She loves the singing and the dancing. They had a parents visiting day and it was so great to see her in action during class.

The boys started piano lessons again. We found a guy who will come to our house. Oh, how I love this arrangement. So our house is filled the sounds of the piano keys again. Oftentimes, it is Layla who I find singing and playing on the piano. She has asked me a couple times now when she can take lessons. I'll have to sit down with her soon and give her some lessons of her own.

We had a hearing check at a new otolaryngology clinic. Now we have to make a decision about surgery or not to correct the mild hearing loss. Kacin wants the surgery done because he thinks it will mean he doesn't have to wear ear plugs when swimming anymore.

Kyler participated in the wear sunglasses to school day. But he refused to get in the school spirit when it was Toga day.

Layla and I got serious about finding a kitchen table and chairs. She loved being my model when I sent pictures to Eric.  

After considering price and immediate availability, we decided on this one.

Another great selfie by Layla. 

I picked this stud up for lunch one day.


It was Kyler's turn to join me on a night out to Hale theater. He clearly did not want to pose for pictures before we left. There was definitely a "mom go away, I just want you to take me out to dinner like you promised" feeling. 

He picked cafe rio and we had a great evening out. He wasn't so sure that a play entitled "Seven Brides for Seven Brothers" was something he wanted to see, but he was pleasantly surprised and it was a fun night out.

I scheduled us to volunteer at Feed My Starving Children. I was so hopeful that it would be a fun service project for all of our family to participate in.

Perry had been there with his class and did great. But that day he decided he wanted nothing to do with that hair net. We tried everything, but he just ripped it off over and over again. This meant he could not go back and participate in packing the meals. Eric and I took turns out with him. To make matters even more exciting, our little 5 year old was not feeling particularly cooperative that afternoon either (which looking back we realized she had not eaten her lunch like we thought she had). She also rotated in and out between helping and time out with one of us.

Overall, we did what we could and still participated in helping a great program.