November 2, 2016

these days--October

I love, love, love Arizona sunsets.

I tried to convince Perry and Kyler to dress up in these costumes for Halloween, but they turned me down.

This is what Layla and Kacin thought was perfect for Halloween.

I also listened to as much of the Mom Conference as I could this year. It was tricky because it fell during my kids fall break, but, just like last year, all that I listened to was so helpful and really got me  thinking. I loved it. And I loved sharing things I learned with Eric and our kids. I had to screen shot this one because it was pretty funny (and pretty wise). It is a checklist April uses when she is feeling grumpy/out of sorts to figure out what she needs to get it back together.

I found this classic cousins/sisters photo at my moms house!

My sister called me one day to say that my brother in law was doing some work in our neighborhood. So Kacin ran over and left this on his truck. Apparently the lady he was working for was the one who found it and showed him--he was pretty embarrassed and now he never lets anyone know when he is in our neighborhood. Haha.

Layla's class photo.

My activity days group went to  Feed My Starving Children. I love this calling and getting to know these girls.