November 27, 2016

thanksgiving day

We gathered at our house this Thanksgiving day. I think our greatest blessing this year has been moving into our nice new house and being near some of our family again. We are all most grateful that we moved back to Arizona. It is where we need to be right now. And we are surrounded by the people who help us feel comfortable, safe, and loved.

The thanksgiving meal was huge! So much yummy food. The adults gathered here and the kids gathered at the table outside on the porch to eat.

I had Layla, Macie, and Logan make these turkey name cards for everyone.

Some lovely people sat at our tables.

Though the littler kids didn't do much sitting--they just wanted to play.

Perry was so proud to show everyone the thanksgiving turkeys he made at school.

We played a rousing game of "are you thankful for your neighbor?". Then we sang "happy birthday" to two of my favorite people who share the same November birthday.

They asked for dirt cake.

Happy thanksgiving!!