November 21, 2016

"week" of thanksgiving

I was going to try to do a "week of thanksgiving" and post one thing each day that I am especially feeling grateful for right now. Seeing as we are now three days away from thanksgiving, I am grateful for flexibility to my own plans and the gift of grace for myself. Because it is now officially "a few days of thanksgiving".

Without too many words, except to say that my heart swells with gratitude and joy for these things, I give you a few things I am grateful for today:

Book clubs and their good conversations with "my kind of people"

Layla's made up songs (especially her Jesus songs she sang for me to comfort me when I started crying during a movie)

Perry's smile and laugh

Laughing with Kacin and watching Kyler's eyes light up when he is excited about something

family walks

this man who works so hard to support our family and is patient with me and all of my shortcomings and who will sometimes dance in the kitchen with me